Industries Use Cases

A Digital Twin Technology

Matterport is the leading spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world. Our all-in-one 3D data platform enables anyone to turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin technology which can be used to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any space. Our platform helps customers realize the full potential of a space at every stage of its lifecycle.

A Digital Twin Technology is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. Product drawings and engineering specifications progressed from handmade drafting to computer aided drafting/computer aided design to model-based systems engineering.

Easy-to-Use Reality Capture

In less than 3 minutes, learn how to capture any space using Matterport’s Pro2 camera, customize your space, and share your digital twin with an unlimited number of contacts.

The perfect all-in-one 3D capture solution is just a Pro2 away from you. Matterport’s Pro2 3D camera is an industry favorite, delivering high-quality 3D scans that produce stunning 3D tours.